ME Conferences take the privilege to invite you to attend the online event on“3rd International Conference onAgriculture, Food and Aqua” scheduled to be held during August 10-11, 2020 with the theme “Greening Agriculture-Food System and Aqua World Together”.
Agri Food Aqua 2020 forecasts existence of keynote speeches, session speeches, delegates, young researchers and students around the world. This conference perhaps a giant event that creates an ideal platform to share expertise in addressing current advancements involved in Agriculture, Food and Aqua. It will be a wonderful opportunity for all the delegates as it provides an international networking opportunity to collaborate with the world-class Agriculture, Food and Aquaculture societies and associations.
Conference Sessions: Agricultural BiotechnologySustainable AgricultureHorticulture and Soil ScienceLivestock FarmingVeterinary Science and EntomologyThe technology of Animal FoodsNovel Food Processing TechnologiesFood MicrobiologyG…

Soil health and how it affects your wealth?

A healthy soil produces vigorous crops with minimal amounts of external inputs and few to no adverse ecological effects. It comprises favorable biological, physical and chemical properties. A biologically healthy soil harbours a large number of various organisms microorganisms like bacterium, fungi, amoebae and paramecia, as well as larger organisms like nematodes, springtails, insect larvae, ants, earthworms and ground beetles. Most area unit useful to plants, enhancing the availability of nutrients and producing chemicals that stimulate plant growth. Our economy stances on the shoulders of our soil and Primary Wealth. Just as there is a need for equilibrium in the Wealth Pyramid, so too is there a need for balance in our soil. Balance is something nature will reach on its own with minimal human interference. Soil health and balance area unit the crux of organic agriculture. And there’s a lot to balance. If you think a lot of life is going on above ground, it sticks in comparison to …

Could GMO crops benefit to solve the climate crisis?

The growth rate of crop harvests in the coming decades will have serious implications for the global food supply under climate change.If the relative yield gains assessed here are any indication of the potential for other crops and/or regions, then the adoption of new technologies such as GE varieties may constitute a potentially fruitful adaptation strategy for counter harmonizing the effects of climate change. There’s not going to be one singular resolution to solve the problem of climate change. In reality, it’s going to take a multi-pronged method compressing everything from reducing our individual carbon footprints to potentially more extreme solutions such as geoengineering. GMO crops cultivate with more healthy and deeper roots that are capable of storing increased amounts of carbon underground for longer; thereby reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. This is based on their detection of a gene which dictates the depth to which plant roots grow in soil.Their goal is to entirely shrink…

Is gut bacteria a good appetizer for a fit and healthy body?

Bacteria are single-celled organisms that outnumber the cells in our body, but they’re not all out to make us ill. The human body is occupied with “bad bacteria” and “good bacteria”, and keeping a proper balance is an essential part of our overall health.
What are good bacteria?
Good bacteria are essentially the group of microorganisms that do not mean any harm to our body. They are often characterized as probiotic and only affect their host (in this case, Humans) in a beneficial manner. These microorganisms deliver us with essential nutrients and also help us in protecting the body from infections. Bacteria used to make us reflect of creepy crawly germs, but research has proven its health benefits.But even if you don't know exactly what kinds of good bacteria are chillin in your gut, you can still do something right now to recover it. Estimates actually put about 3/4 of our immune system activity in the gut and digestive tracts, which has freshly refocused attention on the gastroi…

Is Water Treatment for Aquaculture Market to See Huge Growth by 2050?

The global research explosion on Water Treatment for Aquaculture market, titled as, Water Treatment for Aquaculture has been newly added by Contrive Datum Insights to its widespread database. The increasing needs of Water Treatment for Aquaculture sector and demanding structure from Water Treatment for Aquaculture regions are driving the global market growth in the near future. Market research is a crucial part of any business process, for making well-informed decisions in the businesses as well as to make strategic planning of the businesses.
The Norwegian government’s goal for the future is ambitious - becoming the world’s foremost seafood nation, with 5 million tonnes of sustainable aquaculture production in 2050. This is almost four times the level of the recent production. However, the period long rapid growth that has affected the aquaculture industry has been put to a halt. The industry is now facing challenges like partial access to new areas, biological problems and reduced u…

How to reduce usage of water in agriculture?

Soil moisture data is becoming a key component of sustainable farming programs worldwide as producers contend with increasingly unreliable weather patterns and drier growing seasons. Measuring precise moisture conditions in their field’s assistance farmers maintain soil health, improve water conservation, and increase yields”. Farmers can create data-driven, land-management decisions and reduce their water consumption by up to 30% andaddition to providing soil nursing for row-crops, orchards, and soft fruits, the company’s technology is said to support efficient water use in public and private landscaping projects and municipal parks and sports fields. Sensoterra has been working with growers since its founding in 2014 to bring smart soil-moisture solutions to the market. In addition to providing soil monitoring for row-crops, orchards, and soft fruits, the company’s technology also supports efficient water use in public and private landscaping projects, municipal parks, and sports fie…

Managing Your Food Allergy: Symptoms and causes?

Food allergy is Associate in nursing system reaction that happens presently once intake a definite food. Even a little quantity of the allergy-causing food will trigger signs and symptoms like biological process issues, hives or swollen airways. In some individuals, a food allergy can cause severe symptoms or even a life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis. Symptoms of food allergies can include hives, itching and swelling in the nose and throat, and stomach pain or nausea. In extreme cases, food allergies may lead to anaphylaxis a state of shock accompanied by low blood pressure and constricted airways which can be fatal if untreated, according to the Mayo Clinic. Shellfish is the most common food allergen in the U.S., affecting approximately 7 million adults, according to the study. Milk allergies have an effect on nearly five million individuals, followed closely by peanut allergies, which affect about 5 million people. Other widespread allergens embody tree kooky, fish, eggs, …